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omg your on fire omg your on fire

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Obsolete was a good movie

um.. that was pretty boring

it would've been better if the art was better and was animated better.

-Obsolete- -Obsolete-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm going to rethink my life...

It is so refreshing to see a real work of art with emotion and depth instead of 11 year old mind numbing flashes of color.

This definately has your unique drawing style, and very creative transitions. The plot line is easily grasped, and one can't help but feel the various emotions (happy, sad, angry) while viewing this.

The sound is simply an enhancing Musical Soundtrack that emphasizes what the visual art is trying to say. (Well done music I might add)

At the end, the viewer is rewarded with some violence, but all in good taste! Not gory, yet effective.

I was hesitant with the interactivity, but than I realized "holy cow! I have 4 entire links to click and explore!"

Not entirely humorous, but one can't help and chuckle at the lives and bonding of the robot and the inventor.

A++ >> I hope this does well!

King Arthur VS LOTF Kids King Arthur VS LOTF Kids

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Changed My Life

I'm glad this is doing so well on here Matt! I remember loving this one when I saw it so long ago. The fighting was especially good, and was very creative with the action moves and flips etc. Eh, wasn't interactive, but I gave it a 10 anywayz. But every other catagory deserved it.
Heh, I'm also glad people aren't like "Who are teh rob0ts killing, this doesents Maeke CEnts?!?11" -- nice work matt, and I'll say it for kicks, you're better than knox

Death on the Snow Field Death on the Snow Field

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i KNow that GUY!

Hey there. I have watched it once again and this time i know enough to review!

Some people on here are rEALLY dumb. jeez. do they not know that it is an Ff6 movie?

*where is teh pl0t laine?* jeez.

I agree about the long intro, but what can you do i guess? fitting it to the music is what you did.

Graphics and style I ranked accodingly, cause your style is very original. I can always recognize when it is your stuff, and its things like that which give stuff an authors sense of *individual tone*. Your graphic style is lower on standard than others, but I still have learned to love it immensely.

Your skills in flash have improved quite a bit! I loved the camera angles and shots you chose to execute (Birds eye view, split screen, direct shot switch to back third person) - some transfers were a bit choppy but i dont care.
-- someone brought up a good point, how it appears they were moving VERY fast. sometimes there was quite a hover, and a big pick up in speed, but once again i dont care.

I love this song, and it was a good choice. I think leaving out the sound effects was another good choice, but the movie was long enough to where you would get tired of the little amounts of sound.

Good violence. Small bit of humour, cause those dudes got blAsted. ZOW. *Theese calls for shum shweppes!*

1 on interactivity, cause i gotta click - play - and the option of watching AGAIn OR downloading the song. but what can ya do?!?

I agree with others, 'I cant wait til you are pro!' .. soo get to and keep workin!

Overall - Your combination of unique style and excellent techniques as an amature provide an enjoyable movie experience, with only a couple errors. I will speak with you later.


Matt-Merrill responds:

Hey, thanks for the review David!!! What a nice guy you are :) I will practice hard and get even BETTER!!!